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techbridge talk - Spring 2014

Computer Science is Boring? Scratch that! “Yes! I made it work!” has been a common cheer at Alpha: Blanca Alvarado Middle School and ACE Empower Academy in East San Jose this year. Girls at both schools learned computer science using Blockly and Scratch, visual coding programs that help students build their confidence with programming.

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techbridge talk - Fall 2013

Techbridge Event at Pixar a Monster Success! Techbridge goes Hollywood in Emeryville! Pixar Animation Studios, creator of some of the most beloved animated films of all time, generously opened its doors for a special evening to benefit Techbridge.

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techbridge talk - November 2012

This summer, Techbridge introduced 45 girls to video game design with a five-day Summer Academy in Oakland and Concord. The academy, which was supported by Chevron, lived up to its name—the League of Extraordinary Gamers.

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techbridge talk - March 2012

The empowerment of girls and women makes sense. Not just for each girl and woman who gains access to a better education or a rewarding job, but for the future of us all. I had the chance to hear Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speak.

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