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Legion of Youth Powered by Boeing: Techbridge Girls

"Techbridge Girls has changed my life in a positive way because it’s inspired me. In society, girls are told they can’t do things like be doctors or dentists or something big, and now that I’m in Techbridge I know that I can and I really want to be a doctor or a vet." - Itzury M, 13.

Legion of Youth, powered by Boeing, is a Seahawks gameday ticket experience for community organizations that serve youth throughout the Northwest. The Seahawks vs. Chargers game featured Techbridge Girls.


Chevron Supports Techbridge Girls STEM Program

"Passion, teamwork, innovation — these are the keywords for an unique and growing STEM program called ‘Techbridge Girls’." Chevron is a proud sponsor of the afterschool program that began at Oakland’s Chabot Planetarium but has now grown to Title 1 schools in the Bay Area, Seattle, and Washington, DC.


Techbridge Girls CEO Nikole Collins-Puri: Championing STEM Education and Economic Opportunity

LatinxAmerica highlights Nikole Collins-Puri, CEO of Techbridge-Girls. "Through strategic collaborations with industry partners, such as Chevron, her organization continues to excite, educate, and equip girls to pursue STEM careers and achieve economic mobility. Listen to her personal journey, her professional insights, and find ways to get involved in similar efforts to increase gender, ethnic and economic diversity in STEM."


Techbridge Girls Named Winner of 2018 UL Innovation Education Award

We are thrilled to share that Techbridge Girls was named the recipient of $100,000 and the grand prize winner of the 2018 UL Innovative Education Award (ULIEA). The annual award is presented to five non-profits throughout the U.S. and Canada who advance E-STEM, sustainable communities and youth empowerment. To learn more, click here.


Girl Subject? No Such Thing

Techbridge Girls believes in the power of creating a space where students feel like they belong.


Techbridge Girls participates in the USA Science & Engineering Festival with Chevron

Techbridge Girls participates in the USA Science & Engineering Festival with Chevron, as part of the Chevron STEMzone.


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