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Role Model Profile: Denise Cook

Philanthropy Generates Girl Power

The shared belief that women and girls can be the solution to challenges currently facing families, communities and the economy is what connects the Women’s Funding Alliance with partnering organizations and individuals striving for greater access, knowledge, and support for women and girls. Here at Techbridge, we know first-hand how critical it is to have dedicated funders and supporters of girl-centric programs both locally, nationally, and beyond.

DC Year in Review, Part III: This is What School Partnership Success Looks Like

If you’ve worked in and around schools in DC, you have heard a common refrain, “Principals aren’t invested in community programs. It is hard to get their attention.” Not true! At each school Techbridge school partner site, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the Principals....

DC Year in Review, Part I: Tara, don’t you want to change the world?

Tara wanted to give up. The circuit she was building wasn’t working. It didn’t light up the LED light at the end of the copper tape. Her partner, listening silently for a while to the Techbridge Program Coordinator trying to keep Tara motivated, suddenly looked up and said....

Techbridge Alumni Aileen Inuiguez’s Class Project Goes Viral for All the Right Reasons