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Why Techbridge?

Earlier this spring, I volunteered at an outreach event in a suburb of the Bay Area. I find participating as an engineering role model so rewarding as I see the spark of curiosity light in girls. One of my tried and true hands-on projects is reverse-engineering hairdryers. Literally, break ‘em to see how they make ‘em. Girls love it! But sometimes I’m asked, why do outreach just with girls? There aren’t enough engineers out there, so why not engage both girls and boys to inspire future engineers? My answer is that in my experience, both as a role model and as a girl, has been that when the groups are mixed, the boys tend to take over. To their credit, the boys don't know they're doing it, it just happens. But sometimes.....

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Recently, I attended a Microsoft DigiGirlz Day, held at Nissan headquarters in Franklin, TN. Seventy high school girls attended from urban and rural surrounding counties. They attended four sessions: coding on Surface tablets, exploring the user interface of Windows 8, developing online marketing for the Nissan Rogue and utilizing the 5-Why problem-solving system Nissan safety engineers employ. But the literal and figurative high note of the day was guest speaker Marlin Page....