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Science: It’s a Family Affair

Family Guide Cover

Science: It’s a Family Affair is more than the title of our new guide for parents. It’s a message that pays tribute to the importance of family engagement in children’s love of learning. From visits to local parks to talks around the dinner table, there are easy and fun ways to spark a love of science. These conversations and outings just might inspire the future engineer or computer scientist.

Parents can make a difference in their child’s future through the toys and activities they provide. Toys can turn a kid on to a new interest and possibly a lifelong passion that leads to a career in science or engineering. Toys like Legos, GoldieBlox, and Roominate encourage kids to tinker and build spatial skills. Microscopes and science kits spark questions and encourage kids to wonder why.

There are opportunities to make new discoveries at science and tech museums. From interactive exhibits to hands-on projects, museums offer families a day to connect and share a common experience. Many museums offer special opportunities that are free or low cost for families.

“How was school today?” might not lead to a conversation. But a question like, “What new ideas did you think about today?” might. When kids talk about what they learned in school or after school this can help them better understand and retain new information. When parents know more about the projects in which their kids are engaged in at school, they can follow up with activities that build upon their child’s interest.

Are you looking for an activity for a rainy day or a birthday party? We’ve got ideas for you! With step-by-step directions to make a crash test piñata and other hands-on projects, you will find hours of fun and educational projects. With simple household materials you and your child will also get to explore careers in science and engineering.

Do these activities sound like fun? Want more ideas? Visit our website to access our family science guide, which is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. This guide was developed and printed with support from Chevron.

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