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Techbridge Celebrates Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

  Photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin

Photo of Girls at Lockheed Martin“I learned some women were intimidated when they started, but then more and more women came. They showed the boys never to underestimate the power of a lady.” ~Techbridge girl

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day is finally here! During
, we join the hundreds of other outreach groups, schools, non-profits, and community organizations in focusing on real engineers working on real projects, and on Thursday of this week, everyone - not just Techbridge - focuses special attention on girls.

As you probably know, we have introduced nearly 4,000 girls to engineering through our after-school programs; this week we had a special series of events planned. On Tuesday, our fifth graders got to visit Lockheed Martin and Google. At Lockheed, girls created circuits, built small rockets, and learned about friction while building cars. At Google, girls got to hang out with the Google Doodle team and see the self-driving car in action (the car even took a picture of them!). These experiences mean a lot, but it’s the role models who interact with the girls during these activities that make them stick.

During our visit to Lockheed Martin, I was reminded of the importance of role models being "real" with the girls. Girls want to know everything, good and bad, and role models who aren't afraid to talk about their experiences often make much more of an impact. So, for all the men and women who work to show girls, and every young person, the joy and challenges of a career in engineering - thank you.

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