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What We’re Listening To: Get your swagger on and your confidence up. Find the song that empowers you to take on the world!

Recently, I attended a Microsoft DigiGirlz Day, held at Nissan headquarters in Franklin, TN. Seventy high school girls attended from urban and rural surrounding counties. They attended four sessions: coding on Surface tablets, exploring the user interface of Windows 8, developing online marketing for the Nissan Rogue and utilizing the 5-Why problem-solving system Nissan safety engineers employ. 

But the literal and figurative high note of the day was guest speaker Marlin Page, a motivational speaker, author of girl-empowerment book “Always Believe” and founder of Sisters Code.

Marlin was brought down from Detroit to pump the girls up before a challenging day of potential techie overload. She asked girls to write down their personal hurdle, the obstacle they most frequently encounter, be it self-inflicted or from an outside source. Then Marlin invited the girls to sashay, skip or “pound the pavement” to the trash can at the front of the room to literally throw out their “can’t do.” Key to this activity is the “swag song” -- the personal anthem that gets you jazzed and feeling like nothing can bring you down.

Marlin’s swag song is one that motivates me too: Beyonce’s “Love on Top.” It’s got a beat that you can’t help but groove to, and a message about getting your priorities straight.

Girls were asked to share their own swag songs, and I took notes so I could make my own Pumped Up Playlist. (BTW, two of the suggested songs were nominated for the Best Song Oscar this year.) Some of the girls’ suggestions are decidedly not effective for inflating my confidence (“Cynics and Critics” frankly scares me!) but hey, it’s what the kids are listening to these days. Check it out:

Eye of the Tiger: Katy Perry
Happy: Pharrell
Run the World (Girls): Beyonce
Let It Go: Idina Menzel
Cynics and Critics: Icon for Hire
Kickstart My Heart: Motley Crue
Mama’s Broken Heart: Miranda Lambert
We are Never Ever Getting Back Together: Taylor Swift

And while you enjoy the inspired collaboration of designers and programmers for Nissan’s “Rogue Your Ride” ad, I think you’ll get hyped on YALA by M.I.A.

What are you listening to? What’s your swag song?

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