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“Special Days” Make Working at Techbridge Special

Special Day Cubicle

Inspire a girl to change the world through science, technology, and engineering. With a mission like this, it’s easy to remain committed to our work at Techbridge. Each member of the team is doing something important for the girls we serve. Gauri, Erica, Shuby, and Rachel, our program coordinators, deliver hands-on projects in a supportive community that give the girls the chance to work and play hard and learn new technology. Molly plans field trips and trains role models who introduce new career possibilities. Emily designs new projects so that there is something to look forward to every year. Martha makes sure that families are supported so that they can be a resource for their daughters. Roshni, Megan, and Katie share our resources with partners near and far. Debi, Erin, and Kristin make sure that operations run smoothly so that everyone’s job is a little easier. Sheetal and Sarah fundraise to support our many programs. Matt, Elizabeth, and Jen manage our programs. And, Jennifer and Kelly help us with strategy and growth.

Everyone at Techbridge goes out of her or his way to make our girls (and everyone we partner with) feel special. The girls tell us that Techbridge feels special and like a sisterhood. Our partners appreciate that we always try and find a way to respond to their requests with a yes and that we go the extra mile to make them feel special.

I want to make our team feel special and support their collective efforts so I started Special Days at Techbridge. They come as a surprise. Not until you arrive to your office and find your space transformed do you know that it’s your day to be special.

The tradition celebrates staff and offers a way to build our “muscle” around innovation and the engineering design process, which are trademarks of our work with girls. Special Days allow us to use creativity to appreciate one another. Debi writes a poem, our resident chef bakes a favorite dessert, someone brings a bouquet of flowers from her garden, and others offer a promise of some special service. Office spaces are transformed. A chandelier is created from plastic cups filled with candies, a piñata builds off one of our Techbridge projects, a map shares favorite places to visit. Each Special Day is a combination of collective efforts and individual ingenuity. While it is fun to be special, I think half the fun of these Special Days is coming up with ways to celebrate our team mates.

As the founder of Techbridge I feel blessed to work with the team that has supported our organization’s success. Special Days are a way to celebrate each and every one in a unique way. I encourage you to make Special Days at your organization and create your own tradition of making those with whom you work feel as special as they are.

Reminders from Techbridge Special Days live on. Come by our office sometime and you’ll see how we do it.

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