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New Programs in Greater Seattle!

Techbridge Table

In the Highline Public School District, September is an exciting time of the year. Not only is it the beginning of a new school year but marks a new district partnership between Techbridge and seven Highline schools: Madrona Elementary School, McMicken Heights Elementary School, Beverly Park Elementary School, Hazel Valley Elementary School, Mount View Elementary School, Sylvester Middle School and Chinook Middle School.

Pictured, Chanel Easley (left) and Annalee Herrera (right) at Madrona Elementary School's
Open House on September 25, 2014. 

This month has also been full of Open House BBQs and Back-to-School nights where the Greater Seattle Techbridge team has showcased sample activities. At McMicken Heights and Beverly Park Elementary schools when 5th and 6th grade girls were asked, “Do you want to test the catapult?”, all attention turned to shooting a marshmallow into a basketball net like box. One young girl, after learning about Techbridge, turned to her mother and said, “I so need to be in this!” as her mother smiled back. Parents and teachers are equally excited as our potential girls as each expressed, “This (Techbridge) is a great program for our girls.” Some even wished they were back in 5th-8th grade to participate with their daughters. The excitement of becoming a Techbridge girl is definitely spreading through the air and we look forward to creating the best experience for our girls here in the Greater Seattle area.

We hope our parents, teachers and corporate partners take advantage and help cultivate this great opportunity in Highline!

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