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Techbridge Role Model Spotlight: Josetta Jones

Josetta Jones, a patent attorney and chemical engineer at Chevron, has been a role model at Techbridge for 9 years. She became involved when a friend told her about the opportunity and she has been volunteering with us ever since. “I loved the mission of the organization. I loved the idea of giving back to girls who may not see a woman of color, or women period, in a technical role. And I thought it was a great way to give back.” 

Josetta is a patent attorney for Chevron working in additive technology. Her path to Chevron began with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering followed by work as an environmental engineer for a petrochemical company in Houston. Josetta went to law school to study patent law and worked as a patent examiner at the US Patent Office when it was located in Arlington, VA. She then went back to law school to earn her Master of Laws in Intellectual Property and Patent Law.  In 2002, Josetta accepted an offer at Chevron in the Bay Area, where she has worked since.

Josetta’s interest in science and engineering began at a relatively young age with a love for math, encouragement from her parents to attend summer programs at nearby universities, and the idea of using creativity to build something from scratch. Josetta was also inspired by her own role model, her older sister, who studied mechanical engineering, had interesting internships, and was involved in the National Society of Black Engineers.

On reflecting about  her favorite parts of being involved in Techbridge, Josetta remembers, “One of the highlights has been coming back into contact with some of the alumni who had remembered something that I said when I went to visit them. My whole intent is if one girl remembers one thing or [something I say] piques her curiosity-- then that has been a great success.”



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