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After-School Programs

It's 3:30 on a Friday afternoon and while many of their classmates have started their weekend, one group of girls are still at school, focused and hard at work putting the final touches on their computer-animation project. Across town, another group is learning to solder. At another school, girls are building a remotely operated vehicle.

Serving hundreds of girls in California, the Pacific Northwest, and Washington, D.C., Techbridge Girls after-school programs open up the world of science, technology, and engineering to underserved girls with fun, educational, hands-on projects. Whether it be tackling the challenge of designing a prosthetic hands for the disabled, building a customized gumball machine or learning the fundamentals of chemical engineering by mixing their own lip balm, Techbridge curriculum brings STEM alive for girls through projects with real-world applications.

Visit our Instagram page to see photos from our programs. Interested in volunteering at one of our programs? We’d love to hear from you. You’ll find volunteer information on our Volunteer page.

Learn more about our programs in California, the Pacific Northwest, and Washington, D.C.