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Lyn Gomes

Lyn Gomes remembers being the only woman in her mechanical engineering classes in college. Determined to give back, she enrolled in a role model training workshop with Techbridge in 2004. As part of her training, she created the wildly successful hairdryer dissection activity that is still used today. She also became our muse for understanding the secrets to our success, including making it personal and sharing the passion for what you do.  When not volunteering for Techbridge, she works as a senior mechanical engineer and commissioning agent for kW Engineering where she makes sure green buildings save energy and sophisticated lighting control systems work properly.  She is a licensed professional engineer, LEED Accredited Professional, and one C(oo)LCATT (a licensed California Lighting Control Acceptance Test Technician). In her spare time, Lyn enjoys making – from crazy contraptions (a motorized Barcalounger) to biochemistry (winemaking) or something pretty (sewing and jewelry).  She has won Girls Inc. of the Island City's Women Who Dare award and the Soroptimist Ruby Award for her outreach efforts with Techbridge. She is proud to be a part of a program that gives girls a safe place to show their interest in STEM and helps them develop confidence in their abilities, in STEM and beyond.  She is on the advisory committee to help Techbridge continue inspire the next generation of engineers, so they'll not only be prepared, but they'll have others that look like them when they get there.