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Chat With A Techbridge Girl: Jennifer Ramirez, 7th Grade, SeaTac, WA

Jennifer Ramirez, 7th Grade

Every week, our staff get a chance to chat with hundreds of girls in grades 5 through 12. We talk about science activities, friends, family, pop music, their hopes, challenges, and favorite mobile apps. What the girls have to say often inspires and sometimes confounds us. Here’s a glimpse of a brief chat with one of our girls. Jennifer Ramirez is in 7th grade at Sylvester Middle School in greater Seattle, Washington and is enjoying her first year in Techbridge. Born in Seattle, she now lives in SeaTac, Washington with her parents and two little brothers. 


What is your favorite part about Techbridge?

I like how we get to do lots of different things. If I’m not pleased with one activity there is another one coming.

What is your favorite Techbridge activity?



Because it took SO many steps, but I liked to see this big thing come together!

Who are your role models?

My uncle. He studies computers and he’s really smart with computers and that’s really cool.

Do you have any friends that are role models or teachers?

My one teacher worked really hard to get her book published for over 10 years. I think that’s cool.

What is a challenge you have overcome in Techbridge?

Its been hard to beat the clock. Almost every activity was hard to finish on time. I was not used to everything. Now it’s easier.

What is your favorite subject in school?

I like math.

Do you like science?

Science is okay.

Who is your inspiration? Who do you look up to? When you think of someone when you grow up and you think

So many people that got through trying, when the odds are super hard.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Lawyer, counselor.

Are you thinking anything in technology or engineering?

I was thinking if that [becoming a lawyer] wasn’t good, I could go into designing. Maybe technology designing like Claymation.

What do you like to do for fun?
Soldering is an important skill Techbridge girls learn during the Electrical Engineering unit. Electronic components (LEDs, wires, batteries) are joined together by melting a metal mixture called solder at the point where two components meet. Jennifer, above, is using a soldering iron to practice!

Draw, solve puzzles, and Pokémon duel my brother! 

You mentioned that you like Pokemon - tell us about your favorite Pokemon creature and what you like about them.

Well, I like Gothorita and Gothitelle. It’s a Pokémon that evolves and at one point if you have enough cards you can flip a coin and if its heads it will be a total knockout [a winning move in the game]!

Has it ever occurred to you that you could be a digital animator or game designer who creates Pokemon videos or games?  Why not?

It’s a possibility. I am still not sure where I want to go, but that’s something that interests me.

What do you do after school on days when you don’t have Techbridge?

Mostly just read, go outside, I do so many things.

Are your friends in Techbridge too? 

I had some friends before I came to Techbridge and made some new friends [in Techbridge].

What do your parents think about you being in Techbridge?   What about your uncle, who’s so good in computers – what does he think?

My parents think Techbridge is a nice opportunity, and my uncle knows I like technology and he thinks that pretty cool.

Do you think you might go to college someday?   Any ideas where?  Have others in your family gone to college?

No one that I can think of has gone to college. But it’s definitely on my to-do list! 





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