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Samsung Empowers Techbridge Girls

Techbridge: Aileen's Story - Inspiring Girls To Change The World Through Science Tech & Engineering

One girl's compelling story of hopes, dreams, overcoming obstacles, and the role Techbridge has played in her life.  Produced by Bolster Creative with funding from Best Buy.




Micro-Documentary: Girls, STEM and Techbridge

A journalistic overview of the need to interest girls in science, technology and engineering, and how Techbridge programs serve that need. Produced by Micro-Documentaries with funding from S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation.





Girl Spotlight: Marta Garcia

Techbridge student Marta Garcia, currently a senior at Oakland Technical High School, talks about her experience with Techbridge programs and role models. Produced by Chevron (a major funder of Techbridge) for a series entitled “On the Rise: Women, STEM and America’s Future.”






Girl Spotlight: Aileen Iniguez

Techbridge Alumna Aileen Iniguez, currently a student at U.C. Berkeley, shares her experience growing up in Oakland and sticking with her love for STEM through college despite obstacles and discouragement.







Estephania's Experience 


Techbridge + IDEO.Org: The I Heart Project

Techbridge and IDEO.Org are collaborating to build a new platform that will connect girls to STEM careers and role models in an unprecedented way, starting with what they love today. We've developed a powerful prototype using an intensive human-centered design approach. This video captures girls' first unscripted reactions to it. We are now seeking partners to help build out and beta-test the platform. Interested in learning more? Contact Jen Jayme at (408) 455-5643.