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Techbridge Girls Visit Local NVIDIA Office

Earlier this month, fourteen Techbridge girls from Cascade Middle School visited the Redmond NVIDIA office to learn about science, engineering, and technology (SET) careers. The girls were welcomed by women in a variety of tech roles, such software engineers, visual effects artists, and applications engineers. These role models introduced the girls to some of the many technologies being developed at NVIDIA, the world leader in visual computing. Several employees from other departments were also involved in the field trip. Chuck Scott, who set up tablets for the girls to use, recounted, “The employees of the NVIDIA Redmond office were honored to have the opportunity to share our experience and knowledge with the young ladies.”

Girls at NVIDIAAfter the girls heard about the problems being solved at NVIDIA, they got to tackle a project of their own! The girls partnered up and used the Java computer language to complete a series of drawing challenges on the NVIDIA tablets. With help from the NVIDIA role models, the girls created images of snowmen and plates of food. “It was really hard, but it felt really good when we figured it out,” noted Maria, one of the Techbridge participants. Anna Kramer, a seventh grade science teacher at Cascade and Techbridge co-teacher, said, “It was really fun to see girls that are often quiet in class completely open up to code with their partner. They were no longer shy; they were involved!”

In the afternoon, the girls were treated to a tour of the NVIDIA office. One of their favorite stops was the sound studio, where they were able to yell and roar and see how the sound engineers can manipulate noises. The girls, many of whom had never had the opportunity to visit a tech office before, were also enamored by the open floor plan and cubicles. During the tour, Techridge student Michelle exclaimed, “It’s just how I imagined, just like in the movies.”

The trip to NVIDIA definitely left a positive impression on the girls. Anna noted, “A week later, some of them were still talking about it at school, so I'd say the impact was tremendous.” When asked if the visit inspired them to go into a science, technology, and engineering career, the majority gave a resounding yes. “Technology is the future. I want to work for a technology place like this!”   Group photo at NVIDIA

Thanks to a generous donation from NVIDIA, Techbridge girls in both Seattle and the Bay Area will have the opportunity to visit the company and learn more about SET careers. Chuck explained, “The growth in the tech industry will continue unabated for many generations more, and it is important for us as leaders in our industry to be able to reach into our local communities and connect with the youth that will become the driving force behind future technological advances. From what we saw, the future looks very bright!”

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