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Bridget Sevigny

Bridget Sevigny is a Senior Engineering Manager at Tableau Software, which she joined in 2014. Previously, she spent seven years at ProQuest and ten years at HP in software development and management positions. She helped set up the first ever Techbridge field trip, during which girls used Tableau to explore data about themselves and their classmates.

When she was a young girl, Bridget’s family members supported her as she pursued her STEM interests. Her activities and coursework have led her to a very satisfying career in software development, and Bridget wants other girls to have the same opportunities. Throughout her career, Bridget has been a crew member on a sailboat that races the waters of Puget Sound. When she’s not sailing, she spends time with her husband and son, cooking and facilitating countless projects from the pages of Make magazine.

Bridget earned BS degrees in electrical engineering and mathematics from Seattle University.