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Engineer Your Journey

Volunteers Can Do It!  Preparing Non-STEM Volunteers to Inspire Girls in Engineering: Lessons from Engineer Your Journey, a Techbridge-Girl Scouts Collaboration
Read about the results of our pilot here.

Girl Scouts of the USA has worked in collaboration with Techbridge to offer three ways to Engineer Your Journey.

We invite you to use a Journey Planner to infuse your Girl Scout Leadership Experience with the engineering flair of the accompanying Girls Go Techbridge program-in-a-box.

These planners offer tips to integrate hands-on engineering activities into Journeys for Girl Scout Juniors, Seniors and Ambassadors. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Noyce Foundation to offer:

aMUSE cover        GIRLtopia cover        Bliss coverFor Girl Scout Juniors: grades 4-5                   For Girl Scout Seniors: grades 9-10               For Girl Scout Ambassadors: grades 11-12

Girls Go Techbridge 

See Girls Go Techbridge in action in this video produced by one of our funders, American Honda Foundation.

“I learned that this science thing is very fun and educational at the same time. I LOVE IT!” 

“I learned that engineering is not just for men.” 

“I love Techbridge. We don’t have to develop programs any longer. This organization has done it
for us.”
- Role model

Launched in 2008, Girls Go Techbridge offers science and engineering programming to Girl Scout councils and other youth-serving organizations. With generous support from the Noyce Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Girls Go Techbridge has grown into a nationwide program that has sparked interest in engineering and science for kids from California to Connecticut.

Central to Girls Go Techbridge are the programs-in-a-box that offer engaging hands-on projects and career exploration activities. The programs-in-a-box are portable, easy-to-use kits that introduce kids to engineering and science. The projects highlight the Engineering Design Process and invite kids to brainstorm, design, build, test, and re-design. This experience gives children a flexible, practical approach to problem solving that they can apply to a wide range of subjects. Training and follow-up assistance are offered to staff, leaders, and role models as they lead kids through the activities. The programs-in-a-box are designed to work in variety of settings, from summer camps to troops to special events.

Meeting role models and making connections to careers are important parts of the Girls Go Techbridge experience. By using the Career Cards included in the kits, and through interactions with professionals in STEM fields, kids have the opportunity to explore careers and become inspired.

Included in each program-in-a-box are materials packaged for 10 children to enjoy 6-9 hours of a variety of hands-on projects. For adults, each box offers Leader Guides designed for users with little to no STEM background, training videos, and take-home resources for families. Each kit has been thoroughly field tested and used by councils in all types of settings—from museums in Tampa to migrant camps in Northern California to day camps in Austin. Whether you are a leader or council staff, all you need are a time and a place to let the engineering-based fun happen.

Information about Programs-in-a-box is available through The Programs-in-a-Box, Refill Materials and Leader Guides are available for purchase from Science First.