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The Challenge


Women represent just 12% of the U.S. engineering workforce; of that, only 2% are under-represented minority women. Techbridge has a mission to change this. We recruit girls from underrepresented groups, such as Hispanic, African-American, and Native American girls. Our programs focus on underserved communities, where STEM enrichment opportunities for girls are not easily accessible. We reach out to girls and help them develop the skills, confidence, perseverance, and passion they need to enter the STEM workforce.

Girls receive less guidance than boys about career options, less encouragement to prepare themselves for the future, and fewer opportunities to engage in STEM in and out of school. In after-school programs where a passion for STEM can be ignited, girls are less likely than boys to report gains in STEM motivation and confidence. But by improving girls’ access to STEM education and role models, we are planting the seeds for the next generation of innovators—supporting the girl who discovers the cure for diabetes or develops a new technology to assist the visually impaired.