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Startling Statistics

Did you know?
  • 21% of girls say their parents encourage them to become an actress, while 10% of girls say their parents have encouraged them to think about an engineering career.
    -Harris Interactive for the American Society for Quality, 2009
  • More than half (57%) of all girls say that girls don’t typically consider a career in STEM.
    -Girl Scout Research Institute, 2012
  • Male students are over three times more likely to be interested in STEM majors and careers, compared to female students
    -My College Options and STEMconnector, 2012
  • While 54% of AP test-takers in 2012 were female, only 19% of that group took the Computer Science AP exam.
    -College Board, 2012
  • There has been a 79% decline in the number of 1st year undergraduate women interested in a Computer Science major between 2000 and 2011.
    -NCWIT, 2012
  • 1.4 million computer specialist job openings are expected in the U.S. by 2020, but only 30% of these positions are expected to be filled by U.S. computing graduates.
    -NCWIT, 2012
  • Only 12% of engineers are U.S. women; 2% of engineers are women from underrepresented minorities.
    -National Science Foundation, 2009
  • Today, women earn about 80 cents on the dollar compared to men and for African-American women and Latinas, the pay gap is even greater.
    -U.S. Department of Labor, 2012
  • In 2008, 12% of bachelor's degrees in science and engineering, 3% of master's degrees in science and engineering, and <1% of doctorate degrees in science and engineering were awarded to minority women.
    -NSF, 2011
  • 53% of scientists and engineers working in the social sciences are women, while only 13% working in engineering are women, and 26% working in computer and mathematical sciences are women.
    -NSF, 2012