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Evaluation Results


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"We planted a seed when we invited girls to Techbridge. Suddenly they believed they had what it takes to be a leader.”

Evaluation plays a critical role in the success of Techbridge. Not only does it help validate what we do and how we're doing it, but ongoing feedback helps us to continually refine our programs. Girls, parents, and teachers participate in surveys, focus groups, and interviews as part of our evaluation process. Over the years, evaluation results have demonstrated how participation in Techbridge has helped girls in the following areas:

  • Developing technical skills and aptitude
  • Increasing self-confidence, persistence and leadership skills
  • Promoting greater awareness and interest in science, technology and engineering careers
Sampling of Results

In 2013-14, students attributed the following gains to Techbridge:

  • 88% knew more about how things work, like circuits and simple machines 
  • 85% felt more confident using technology
  • 88% said they are good at using technologies
  • 93% learned that teamwork is good for solving problems
  • 85% tried harder to overcome a challenge
  • 80% were better at problem solving
  • 87% knew more about different kinds of jobs
  • 96% believed engineering is a good career for women
  • 82% said that because of role models and field trips they went on, they are more interested in working in technology, science, or engineering
  • 69% can see themselves working in technology, science, or engineering
  • 84% have talked to a scientist, engineer, or technology worker about her/his job

Because of Techbridge:

  • 73% find engineering more interesting
  • 69% find science more interesting
Longitudinal Study

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation commissioned a three-year longitudinal study to assess the long-term impact of Techbridge on students' academic and career choices. Results from this study show:

  • 82% of respondents reported a greater interest in a career in technology, science and engineering
  • 86% had more self-confidence
  • 87% had more career options because of Techbridge