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The Power of Two

Expanding Your Horizons Network and Techbridge Girls Partner to Strive to Reach 1M Girls by 2030 by Enhancing Our Programmatic Strengths Across the Country.

As Techbridge Girls embarks on its bold goal to serve 1M girls by 2030, it sees the Network as an accelerator to that vision. Expanding Your Horizons’  45-year history of girl-focused STEM outreach and its vast national network of conferences in 43 states serves 25,000 girls annually.

This partnership provides the ability for our organizations to impact the larger girl-serving STEM education field and amplify our collective 50+ years of success and impact. Techbridge Girls understands the rich assets EYHN brings to the partnership. These include community partnerships, a cost-effective model, national reach, and passionate and committed volunteers who are so engaged in making a difference in girls lives year after year.  Techbridge Girls can learn from the EYH approach and amplify its promise based on its recent media momentum.

Expanding Your Horizons’ Conference Locations:

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