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How We #LeadFearlessly


Celebrating 20 Years of Leadership and Commitment to Equity

Girl with confettiOver the last 20 years, Techbridge Girls has been dedicated to reimagining the workforce by changing the face of STEM industries and empowering thousands of girls from under represented communities to become career ready. 

Now we are dedicating our 20th Anniversary to honoring the many women, girls, teachers, and volunteers who have been leading fearlessly to fight for a more equal world.

Over the next year, we will explore what it means to lead fearlessly by sharing curated stories about community members' journeys & future dreams.

At Techbridge Girls, we believe anyone can lead fearlessly and bring about change in their community. We encourage people to use the hashtag #leadfearlessly to share their stories, photos, and video examples so we can celebrate their bravery.


Join us in driving the next 20 years of impact.


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