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Join us in exciting, educating, and equipping girls through STEM!

Role Model After-School Visits

Bring a girl's dream to life by sharing your own stories and career path, and help lead a hands-on activity! We prepare you for this amazing experience, through our 60-minute virtual training, to promote a positive engaging STEM message and provide girls with real-world examples of professionals in STEM. Our current after-school programs serve grades 4 through 8 in Oakland, Greater Seattle, and D.C. metro areas. Sessions are usually 3-5PM, Mondays through Thursdays, during the school year. Visits can be a one-time commitment or you can work with a team of middle-school girls for 5 to 6 weeks for approximately 2-4 hours a week (Monday-Thursday) on a long-term community-based project. 

Host Techbridge Girls At Your Office

Field trips are one of the greatest highlights for our girls. They are curious about career options at your company and to meet professionals in STEM. We use field trips to encourage our girls to pursue careers connected to products and services they use every day, and share how science, technology, engineering, and math have a direct impact on their lives and the world. 

We want to partner with your company to facilitate hands-on and engaging tours, lead interactive workshops, and provide opportunities for your colleagues (volunteer role models) and girls to learn about each other. Techbridge Girls manages the entire process, including training volunteers on ways to interact with girls, developing age-appropriate activities, and managing all school-level logistics. 

You provide the STEM colleagues and your workplace, Techbridge Girls does the rest!

Things to Know

  • Host organization provide Techbridge Girls a grant / sponsorship that supports transportation, materials, coordination and activities.
  • Field trip experience is approximately 4 hours during the work day.
  • Your organization must be able to support 25-30 girls and Techbridge Girls chaperones.
  • Host participants are required to attend a 60-minute training (virtual or in-person). 


Excite. Educate. Equip.
Become a Role Model. Host Techbridge Girls.


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